Gibson VOS 1957 Junior Reissue


I couldn't help myself. I had wanted this guitar since I first discovered Leslie West while stealing a listen to my dad's stereo when he qasn't home. WNEW was broadcasting a Mountain concert, and the guitar tone was enourmus. I had already purchased 3 other guitars essentially searching for this one (the Epi Junior, the Historic DC Junior, and the VOS Special). But in the end, I had to have a sunburst single cut Junior, period, end of story. And once again, the Custom Shop delivered big time. That perfect Vintage Sunburst finish, a huge and comfy neck profile, a screaming P90, and a wrap tail. Pure perfection in form and function. This guitar makes all others irrelevant (OK, not really, but you get the idea). At last I was complete - hahahaha (GAS always returns). © Steve Liberty 2014