Parts-o-caster Esquire


I'd had two other Tele's before this one. The first was my first quality guitar, puchased for $125 used. But I didn't appreciate it at the time (I really wanted an SG, which I later got by trading in the old Tele). The next one came many years later, and was a MIM Fender Classic 50's Tele. This time, I loved it so much that I decided I needed a higher quality Tele. So I started building high quality Tele Parts-o-casters (with a little professional help to handle the neck and nut). So, after buying parts via eBay, including an MJT body, I assembled this Black Guard Esquire parts guitar. The pickup is a Fender 52 Reissue bridge pickup, and it has tremendous balls when cranked full out. And when you dial it back, the sweet chime and twang shine through. This one does blues, rock, even hard rock. And the soft V neck profile is tons of fun. I love the Esquire simplicity too - reminds me of my Juniors with a single pickup and simple controls. I even omitted the 3 way switch - who needs it? But now, I had the bug and had to keep building….Just prior to selling, I added a 51 Nocaster pickup at the neck, and put the switch back in. © Steve Liberty 2014