The “Creamsicle” (born 2016)

IMG 1259

I set out to build a cleaner, more modern looking Tele with a mixture of features from other guitars. And here is what developed. Vintage spec rosewood Tele neck, Tele style body routed for humbuckers, loaded with a ToneRider Rebel 90 at the neck and Alnico II Classic at the bridge, a forearm cut, a Strat hardtail bridge (like the Cabronita had - very comfy), and a rear control cavity (like a Les Paul). Satin Sunset Orange finish, cream pickup rings, and thus, the name. Since the guitar had so much chrome, IO searched for and found a chrome-like switch tip to compliment the look. This thing is just back from the luthier, but I can already tell it will be fun to play. © Steve Liberty 2014