1962 Gibson Melody Maker


This was a project guitar. I bought it on eBay for $550. Everything had been changed (tuners, bell cover, nut, pickup, bridge, pots, everything). And although the pickguard was original, it had been cut out to accomodate a humbucker. I picked up modern repros for the tuners, bell cover and bridge, had a new nut installed, bought a boutique pickup (a P90 in a Melody Maker format, built by Curtis Novak), and rewired with new pots, cap and jack. And then I lucked-out with an original MM pickguard from a '65 which fit perfectly. Now the guitar looks original even though everything is new. This guitar is approximately as light as my Coronet, and sounds fantastic. The neck is a medium profile, and very comfortable. I love simple mahgony slab guitars with P90's, and this one stands up well to the others I already have in that realm. Love it!

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