2014 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro


I bought this guitar on Black Friday 2014, new, for $425. The neck profile just screamed out to me - it is really big and round for an Epiphone (and kills most USA Gibson neck profiles). It just feels great. The set up is quite good too, and the pickups aren’t bad either. Like my ES-335 Pro, it had push pull pots to split the coils, but no more. I’ve replaced the pots, caps, jack and switch, and removed the quick connectors. The wine finish over the AAA maple vaneer looks really cool too - its not over-the-top, but really pretty. Overall, this is a really nice axe for a really modest price. And considering that Gibson LP’s are so full of gimmicks now (and quite pricey for something that isn’t exactly what I want), Epiphone seems like the best game in town. I am going to really enjoy this guitar. Oh, and all of you headstock snobs can bite me :)

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