1964 Epiphone Coronet


I acquired this guitar in 2003, from my cousin. Being the P90 maniac that I am, I had to have it. In case you don't know, Steve Marriot used one of these babies with Humble Pie (his was a Dwight-labeled Coronet actually, and a couple of years older). This guitar is perhaps the lightest electric axe I have ever played, and yet it still has mega-balls. It also has a great neck. I had to replace the original wraparound bridge with a recent wraparound, and I also replaced the old Kluson tuning gears with new Klusons of the same type. The nut has also been replaced (twice) to resolve tuning stability issues (a thing of the past - thank you Leroy!). With these changes, it now plays like it was new, and the old bridge and tuners are stored for safe keeping. It has an absolutely wonderful tone for chords (crunchy and very articulate), and cleans up really nicely when you roll down the volume pot. Its like Epiphone's version of the double cutaway Les Paul Junior. If Gibson made Telecasters, this is what it would be like. Very special, both for what a great guitar it is, and because it was David's.

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