Ricenbacker 330/12 (configured as a 6 string)


There is nothing like a Rickenbacker 12-string. They have a sound that can be faked, but never truely achieved y other guitar makers. And the quality of the instrument is fantastic. It can do Kantner, Crosby, McGuinn, Harrison, you name it. After all, this is the real deal. The only problem is that now I also want a Ric 6 string.

So, the 12 string hardly got used, and I still wanted a 6 string. So (drum roll please) I string it with only 6 strings, and it is wonderful. Not thuis guitar will get lots of play time, finally. Yes, the speacing is slightly off, but its not noticeable when playing, and I don’t feel like replacing the the nut, saddles and tailpiece.

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