My Jobs

During my high school years, I discovered that I was good at math, and I liked explaining things to people. So I decided to pursue a career in teaching. I studied math and education at Brooklyn College, and became a NYC High School Math Teacher starting in September of 1978. 

After a short time, I realized that no matter how much I loved teaching (and I did), I would never make a living on a teacher's salary (sad, isn't it?). So I went back to school and studied Computer Science. In July of 1984, after 6 years in the classroom, I left teaching, and began my current career as a computer professional. I have been a Programmer, a Systems Analyst, a Project Manager, and then a Delivery Director at a consulting company. Much of the consulting industry has become too commoditized for my taste, and so I’ve made a change - I now work as an engagement manager for a cloud-based software product company that is growing very quickly, and leading its market segment. 

In many ways, my teaching background has helped me to be successful as a computer consultant. Explaining technology to prospective and current clients is almost like speaking to children at times :) Everything happens for a reason??? © Steve Liberty 2014